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Business Internet Solutions


As the business-to-business arm of MI-Connection, we offer dependable high speed data and broadband solutions that let you access, download and transfer data with confidence.

  • Always-on, high-speed Internet access is up to 100 times faster than dial-up modems with much larger capacity for instant downloads
  • Locally owned with customer and technical support in your own backyard
  • 24 X 7 Business Class Support - one number for local service and support
  • Unlike DSL, speed doesn’t drop over distance
  • Reliable, responsive, fast and secure
  • Speeds up to one GIG!

Flexible Options for your Usage Needs

Offering a range of bandwidth speeds on MI-Connection’s Hybrid Fiber Coax network, we deliver the performance and reliability every business needs. Whichever service tier you select – and no matter what size your organization is – you’ll have the backing of our local professional consultants and technical support to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Bandwidth Speeds Available:

10Mbps X 5 Mbps

15Mbps X 5Mbps

25Mbps X 5Mbps

40Mbps X 5Mbps

60Mbps X 10Mbps

75Mbps X 5Mbps


100Mbps X 10Mbps

200Mbps X 20Mbps

300Mbps X 30Mbps

50Mbps X 50Mbps

100Mbps X 100Mpbs

1GIG X 100Mbps

Any product higher than 75Mbps download or 10Mbps upload will require fiber. 

Static IP Addresses Available

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