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Broadband Internet

High-Speed Internet


Do More with MI-Connection’s Extreme High Speeds.


internet1Stop crawling on the web and fly instead with extreme speeds you can’t get with DSL or dial-up, when you access the Internet directly over MI-Connection’s fiber network.

  • Choice of speeds up to 60Mbps download and 10Mbps upload!
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Always on connection that allows you to be on the Internet and your home phone at the same time
  • Unlike DSL, speed doesn't drop over distance
  • No contracts
  • Connect all of your devices with our wireless service!


MI-Connection offers wireless service for just $5.99 per month!

Internet Speeds

High-Speed Internet

Great for surfing the web, emailing photos and online shopping.

10Mbps download X 5Mbps upload

Super-Speed Internet

Great for multi-player gaming and video streaming.Upload pictures and videos to share on Facebook or YouTube.

20Mbps download X 5Mbps upload

Hyper-Speed Broadband

Intense online gaming when every second counts with multiple heavy users.

30 Mbps download X 10Mbps upload

Warp-Speed Broadband!

The fastest residential Broadband Internet in the market - hands down! Download movies in minutes and songs in seconds! No pauses or bumps

60Mbps download X 10Mbps upload!



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